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Consecutive-contract (Kettenvertrag) regulation (UG Novelle §109)


In Austria, a new successive contract regulation entered into force on October 1st, 2021.

It limits the maximum duration of fixed-term employment (max. 3 contracts or 8 years) at Austrian Universities.

More information can be found on the intranet, on the website of the works council/Betriebsrat (German/English) and on the website of the federal ministry/Bundesministerium (German).


Both our works council & the initiative UnterbauUniWien are currently organizing to fight this law! Some more info is available here (Netzwerk Unterbau Wissenschaft): https://www.nuwiss.at/en/defuer-eine-demokratische-universitaetenfor-a-democratic-university-english/ and here (Betriebsrat, in German): https://massmailer.univie.ac.at/action/mlr/pv?&idx=635633&cid=5499&uid=0&sid=64&cks=1dd93616


Questions about §109 and how it might affect you can be directed to the Human Resources and Gender Equality service unit.